DHE Pune

Government of Maharashtra

Directorate of Higher Education

Maharashtra State, India


Over the years, a number of laws have been enacted to help achieve the above-mentioned objectives of the Department. The regulatory framework consists of the following major Acts :
  • Maharashtra University Act 1994

  • Maharashtra Non-Agricultural Universities and Affiliated Colleges Standard Code ( Terms and Conditions of nonteaching Employees) Rule 1984

  • The Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Management) Act 1976

  • The Maharashtra Educational Institutions ( Prohibition of Capitation Fee) Act 1987 ( Amendment ) Act 1996

  • The Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety measure Act 2006

  • Maharashtra Prohibition of ragging Act 1999

  • Maharashtra Prevention of Malpractices a University Board and other specified examination ordinance 1982

  • Right to Information Act 2005

  • SC, ST, VJNT, OBC, SBC issuance caste Certificate and verification Regulation Act 2000

  • The Persons with disabilities ( Equal opportunities of rights and full participation) Act 1995

  • Post Recruitment (Ministerial) examination, Department of Education and the qualifying examination (supervisory posts) Department of Education ( First amendment) rule 1999

  • Scheduled castes and The Scheduled Tribes ( Prevention of Atrocities) act 1989

  • Maharashtra State Public Service ( Scheduled Caste, Tribe, Vimukta Jati, Nomadic Tribes, SBC and OBC reservation) Act 2001 – implementation date from 29 January 2004

  • Cigarettes and other tobacco products ( Provision of advertisement and regulations of trade and commerce production supply and distribution) Act 2003

  • The Maharashtra Govt. Servant's regulation of transfers and prevention of delaying the discharge of official duties Act 2005

  • Maharashtra Civil Services ( a) General Conditions of Services; b) Pay; c) Joining Time Foreign services and payments during suspension dismissal and removal; d) leave; e) Pension; f) Honoraria, Fees, Compensatory local and House rent allowances; g) Occupation of govt. residences; h) Travelling allowance; i)Discipline and appeal); j)Conduct Rule 1979

  • UGC regulations