DHE Pune

Government of Maharashtra

Directorate of Higher Education

Maharashtra State, India

National Education Policy (NEP)

SN Subject Date Download
1Me and My NEP Leaflet28/07/2023
2Me and My NEP Brochure28/07/2023
3DBA Technological University – NEP Implemenation28/07/2023
4DHB State University – Skill Developement Centre28/07/2023
5FLAME University – Brochure28/07/2023
6FLAME University – MBA Brochure28/07/2023
7FLAME University – Presentation28/07/2023
8FLAME University – UG Brochure28/07/2023
9Gondwana University – BBA Forest Management and Ecotourism28/07/2023
10Gondwana University – Best Practices in Ethnobotany28/07/2023
11Gondwana University – Covering Letter28/07/2023
12Gondwana University – Ekal Gramsabha Program28/07/2023
13Gondwana University – Ekal Marathi28/07/2023
14Gondwana University – Model Degree College Brochure28/07/2023
15Gondwana University – Presentation28/07/2023
16Gondwana University – TRICEF28/07/2023
17Gondwana University – Vaidya Chikistalaya28/07/2023
18Gondwana University – Vidyapeeth Aaplya Gavat28/07/2023
19HNSC University – Brochure28/07/2023
20HNSC University – Programs Offered28/07/2023
21Institute of Chemical Technology – NEP Implementation28/07/2023
22Institute of Chemical Technology – Presentation28/07/2023
23KBC North Maharashtra University – NEP Implementation28/07/2023
24MGM University – NEP Impementation28/07/2023
25MGM University – Presentation28/07/2023
26MSFDA – English Brochure28/07/2023
27MSFDA – Marathi Brochure28/07/2023
28MSFDA – Warta Newsletter28/07/2023
29Mumbai University – Brochure28/07/2023
30PAH Solapur University – Certificate Course in Accupressure28/07/2023
31PAH Solapur University – Vari Vishesh28/07/2023
32RTM Nagpur University – NEP Implementation28/07/2023
33SGB Amravati University – Academia Inductry Meet28/07/2023
34SGB Amravati University – BoS Residential Workshop28/07/2023
35SGB Amravati University – Brainstorming Session28/07/2023
36SGB Amravati University – MoU for Teachers Training28/07/2023
37SGB Amravati University – NEP Experimental Learning Workshop28/07/2023
38SGB Amravati University – NEP Launching Mega Workshop28/07/2023
39SGB Amravati University – NEP Workshops28/07/2023
40SGB Amravati University – Principal Orientation on NEP28/07/2023
41SGB Amravati University – Student Induction Programmee28/07/2023
42Shivaji University – Brochure28/07/2023
43SNDT Womens University – Presentation28/07/2023
44SNDT Womens University – Report28/07/2023
45Somaiya Vidyavihar University – Brochure28/07/2023
46Somaiya Vidyavihar University – Presentation28/07/2023
47SP Pune University – Presentation28/07/2023
48SRT Marathwada University – NEP Implementation28/07/2023
49YC Mahrashtra Open University – Presentation28/07/2023
50Shivaji University – Presentation27/07/2023
51SNDT Womens University – Brochure27/07/2023

SN Subject Date Download
1Implementation of NEP 202016/06/2023

SN Subject Date Download
1School Connect (NEP Connect) Campaign05/01/2024
2NEP Engineering Programs Credit Structure04/07/2023
3Revised Guidelines for Credit Distribution of PG Programs16/05/2023
4Revised Guidelines for Credit and Program Structure20/04/2023
5Formation of Sukanu Samiti26/11/2022
6Establishment of Task Force16/10/2022
7Establishment of Kayragat20/09/2022
8Implementation of National Credit Framework26/04/2022

SN Subject Date Download
1New Education Policy – 202016/06/2023

SN Subject Date Download
1Multi-Faculty Education25/07/2023
2NEP 2020 : Introduction25/07/2023

SN Subject Date Download
1UGC Professor of Practice Letter30/09/2022
2UGC Guildeline-for-engaing-Professor-of-Practice-in-Universities-and-Colleges30/09/2022

SN Subject Date Download
1Dr. R. D. Kulkarni Committee Report20/10/2023
2Ujwala Chakradeo Committee Report28/10/2022
3Dr Abhay Wagh Committee Report of Teacher Evaluation28/10/2022
4Dr Abhay Wagh Committee Report of Poly to Engineering Admission28/10/2022
5Task Force Report Annexure30/06/2021

SN Subject Date Download
1Steering Committee and Back Office Team26/11/2022